Are shares now a better bet than buy-to-let?

12 July, 2016

Landlords have now faced two tax hikes in four months. The latest raid — an increase in stamp duty announced…

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Brexit: how leaving the European Union could affect London’s property market

27 June, 2016

Falling property prices but fewer affordable homes being built. We ask London's property experts what Brexit would mean for the…

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Overseas buyers race to secure London property bargains after Brexit vote

25 June, 2016

Opportunistic overseas buyers are jumping to buy property in some of London’s wealthiest areas and take advantage of effective discounts…

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Property firms are saying the Brexit vote will actually boost UK house prices in the short term

24 June, 2016

Property experts have suggested that Britain's shock decision to leave the EU in Thursday's referendum could actually be good for…

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Which is the best investment: shares or property?

18 April, 2015

As private investors, there are two main types of investment that capture our imagination as tools we can use to…

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Britain best place to invest, says China’s richest man

12 March, 2015

China's richest man has said that he considers the UK the best place in the world to invest. Wang Jianlin, chair…

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What’s done best – cash, stocks or bricks and mortar? How popular asset classes have performed over the past 30 years

19 February, 2015

Share investors have raked in the best returns over 30 years but homeowners beat them during the period of rampant…

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5 Reasons Why Shares Are A Better Investment Than Property

14 January, 2015

While demand for housing tends to be relatively robust, the process of selling a property is long-winded. For example, it…

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Property vs Shares: Which Is The Best Investment?

07 December, 2014

When evaluating investing choices, the first thing to do is compare the return from its current earnings. To make a…

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